QBO Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll subscription levels

You can choose from three different subscription levels and each of these comes with full-service features, which means that QuickBooks Online Payroll can take care of filing taxes and forms for you. You can also customize your solution further with different settings and configurations. 

To determine which subscription level best fits your needs, you need to ask whether you (for example) need same-day direct deposit, time- or project tracking, expert setup service for onboarding, 24/7 support, tax penalty protection, or an HR advisor.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Core
QuickBooks Online Payroll Core offers the following:

New-hire reporting
Unlimited payroll runs
24-hour direct deposit
Tax payment calculations
Automated tax payments and form filing for federal and state (not local) taxes
Self-service processing
Self-service employee portal (Workforce)
Free year-end forms
Availability in all 50 states
Management garnishments and deductions
Payroll reports
Auto Payroll
Health benefits

QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium
QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium includes all the benefits of Core plus additional features:

Same-day direct deposit
Expert review of payroll setup once all data has been entered
HR support center
QuickBooks Time time-tracking
Automated tax payments and form filing for federal, state, and local tax

QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite
QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite includes all the benefits of Core and Premium, plus these additional offerings:

Expert setup: A payroll specialist can take care of the setup or review all the data entered by the client. This applies to conversion from other payroll products
Personal HR advisor
Multi-state filing with no additional fee
QuickBooks Time Elite time-tracking, which includes real-time tracking of project hours and labor expenses. Geofencing alerts workers to clock in or out when entering or leaving the job site, and an activity feed lets team members add and view notes, photos, and project updates from anywhere
Protection from tax penalties: Because all fees are calculated and managed on behalf of the client, the QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite team safeguards the process and pays any penalties and interest for payroll tax errors up to $25,000 (for example, a failure to deposit a payroll liability payment)